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Miss Megan's Stargate Fanfiction
Dangerous Connections (1/?) 
4th-Mar-2008 12:59 am

Title: Dangerous Connections (1/?)
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairings/Characters: Sheyla, Kanaan, Ronon, McKay, Carson, and Todd
Warnings: This starts after The Kindred 2, so they’ll definitely be spoilers for season four up to that episode. This is my take on what happens after so events after that may or may not happen.
Word Count: 452
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Teyla escapes from Michael...
Author's Notes: This is a John/Teyla fic, but they'll definitely be a few significant Kanaan/Teyla parts. 

Chapter One

          Teyla was still reeling from her encounter with Carson when the ship landed with a shuddering thud. Things were getting more and more confusing and she wasn't sure how much more she'd like to take. Many of her people were now dead. Her only consolation was that Halling and the others that are left were surely rescued by Sheppard and the rest of her team

          The shield to her cell deactivated and Teyla struggled to get to her feet. Strong hands cupped her elbows and helped her up. Her eyes fell on the deformed features of Kanaan's once beautiful face and she was suspended in his gaze for a moment. Whatever the difference of his appearance, his eyes were the same and it made her heart break at what Michael had done to him, all because of her...


          He shook his head slightly, then Teyla could feel his hands still holding her arms tighten. Teyla laid a hand on the side of his face and Kanaan closed his eyes.


          "Yes, it is me," Teyla said. She knew Kanaan was a strong man; that is why he can resist the mind suggestions whenever Michael was far enough away.

          "I'm sorry," Kanaan said, opening his eyes and looking at her. She can see the turmoil in his eyes.

          "You have nothing to be sorry for. Just fight. Fight until there's no breath left in your body and I will do the same. Together, we'll get through this."

         "I don't-"

          There were footsteps and Kanaan's back went rigid. She knew she'd lost him to Michael again. Or so she thought...

          Michael came around the corner to see Teyla pulling away from his creation. His gaze hardened on Kanaan. "Leave."

          Kanaan stood where he was, staring at Michael and Teyla knew it was a battle of wills over who controled Kanaan's actions. She suddenly had a thought, a revelation, and combined her psychic strength with his.

          Michael groaned and shuddered but didn't fall. He fought back, and Teyla wasn't worried about the baby this time. Michael needed their son, he couldn't afford to injury her. However, Kanaan...

          Michael fought, but he was no match for the three of them. Her, Kanaan, and the baby... Michael fell to his knees. With one last viscous swipe to his mind, Michael lost consciousness.

          Once the fight left Michael's body, Teyla bent forward, breathing heavy. Kanaan slid an arm around her waist and dragged her to his side. "We must leave quickly," he said.

          Teyla stared down at Michael. Kanaan, as he always did, read her thoughts. "We don't have time to kill him. The people from Atlantis can find him and mete out their justice."

          "You are right. Let's go."


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